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  • Donald R. says:

    When you have patients that are also dentists, that says everything about the high quality work given here daily.

  • Anonymous says:

    Dr Casey is our grandchildren’s dentist . I watched how good they were with them and that sold me on their staff and services. I would definitely recommend them to my loved ones.

  • Robin Byler says:

      I am a HUGE Casey Moore fan!!! I refer friends, family and for that matter strangers to Dr. Moore ALL THE TIME!! Why, you might ask? I’m glad you asked….because he does an amazing job, he’s dedicated and really cares about his patients. My first real experience with Dr. Moore was when he came in during his vacation (on a Saturday, I might add) to address an abscessed tooth that had me in excruciating pain. He did not hesitate to come in and get it fixed and help me not only feel better but also get me scheduled for a full resolution with a specialist. He is a great dentist!! I also respect that he and his family are Christians so that to me is a perk to have a man of God as my dentist. You CANNOT go wrong having him as your dentist. I’m sure you’ll feel as I do once you’ve been in to see him.
    And as an added bonus the ladies in his officer are amazing!!! They do such a great job making you feel comfortable and at home while you are there. I completely appreciate the work everyone in the office does and will continue to refer their office, staff and Dr. Moore to all that I encounter. Blessings!!

  • Yvonne Wilson says:

    Always had great care and service here. Great people

  • LeAnne Price says:

    I can’t say enough good things about Moore Family Dental. Casey and his staff are like one big family. Dr. Moore became my dentist when Dr. Silvius retired (another great dentist) Casey and his staff are always kind and welcoming to all their patients and even when they see me walk through the door. I’m sure I am their worst nightmare for a patient. Not going to lie the drill scares me to death and it kind of shows. But with that said, Casey is always so very kind and easy and gentle when it comes to working on my teeth. He is not a rough dentist at all, which is why I will drive an hour to go to him. I only trust him for a dentist. I definitely refer him to other people and tell them what a great dentist he is. Thanks for taking such great care of my family and I . We do appreciate your fine work.

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